May, 2023

Divya Dubey has joined our lab as a PhD graduate student! We’re excited for you to join us, Divya!

March, 2023

Two posters presented at at Pioneer Valley Microbiology Symposium (PVMS), hosted at UMass Amherst!

November, 2022

Our newest pre-print on alveolar macrophage reprogramming in the context of mycobacterial exposure is out!

October, 2022

Pamelia, Linh, and Alissa all traveled to Woods Hole in Falmouth, MA for the fantastic New England Immunology Conference, including two poster presentations from the lab.

October, 2022

Congratulations to Linh on passing her ORP qualifying exam! Cheers to the second PhD Candidate in the Rothchild lab!

July, 2022

Congratulations to Pamelia on passing her ORP qualifying exam and for her new UMass BTP traineeship!

May, 2022

The whole lab attended an awesome department Research Retreat held at the Terrrazza Country Club in Greenfield, MA. Special shout-out to Linh as a member of the student planning committee!

May, 2022

Congratulations to Sydney Doherty on graduating from UMass as a Pre-Vet Major in the VASCI department! Tufts Veterinary School is lucky to have you!

Additional shout-out to Brenda Genium for her acceptance as a UMass Amherst LSAMP Scholar!

May, 2022

Congratulations to Pamelia on receiving a Graduate School Predissertation Research Grant to fund a pilot project in the lab examining macrophage ontogeny using fate-mapping mouse models!

January, 2022

We’re funded!!!! Our NIH/NIAID R21 “Nrf2 regulation of alveolar macrophage immune responses in vivo to Mycobacterium tuberculosis” has been awarded. We can’t wait to get started evaluating the role of Nrf2 in regulating alveolar macrophage innate immune functions during infection!

December, 2021

Our lab’s first review paper is published in Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine: “Alveolar macrophages: novel therapeutic targets for respiratory diseases.”

November, 2021

Alissa and Linh present at the New England Immunology Conference, Woods Hole, MA.

Bundled up at the campus center for Pamelia’s baby shower

October, 2021

Pamelia presents a poster and talk at the MCB program retreat at beautiful Stratton Mountain!

September, 2021

Welcome to Sydney Doherty and Brenda Genium, our two new undergraduate research assistants!

August, 2021

We’re so excited to see the MA900 Sony cell sorter installed in the BSL-3. TB cell sorting here we come!

May, 2021

Linh Pham has officially joined our lab! Welcome Linh!

April, 2021

We’re excited Linh Pham is rotating in our lab and Pamelia has joined our lab. Yay for grad students!

February, 2021

Pamelia Lim will be starting as an MCB rotation student. Welcome Pamelia!

January, 2021

Alissa is presenting at Pioneer Valley Microbiology Symposium (PVMS).

The lab’s murine breeding colony is established!

October, 2020

Maritza Cervantes Palacios joined the lab as a Research Fellow.

September, 2020

The Rothchild lab opened in the Veterinary and Animal Sciences Department at UMass Amherst!

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